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Benefits Of Barefeet:

dot foot

Although some schools and other settings require children to keep their shoes on, we recommend dancing and doing yoga in bare feet as often as possible.  The texture of Yoga Dots feels great on the soles of our feet!  But, more importantly, hands and feet have nerve endings that are stimulated during active movement.  Several reflexology theories link nerve endings and pressure points in hands and feet with organ functioning in the body.  Also, our movements feel more dynamic and integrated when we dance and do yoga in bare feet.

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Including: Elementary schools, preschools, kindergartens, yoga studios, dance studios, special needs classes, gymnastics, physical education, childcare centers, hospitals, physical therapy, and of course at home!

“For years I have laboriously cut up sticky mats into 12" circles to use as a safe space for children to practice yoga and dance. Eventually, I began calling these circles Yoga Dots. With Yoga's increased popularity among adults and more recently with children, I knew I wanted to share these Yoga Dots with parents, teachers, yoga and dance instructors, day care providers and healthcare professionals. Children of all ages and abilities LOVE the colors, texture and variety. They are fun and far less cumbersome than a full size yoga mat. As Alexander Calder once told a group of architects, "Take your building blocks, go into the world and create." I invite each of you to explore your own games, stories, dances, patterns, and more with Yoga Dots!"
- Rosemary Todd Clough

Dots can be wiped down with a wet cloth or mat wipe.  When dots get really dirty, wash them with mild soap and warm water by hand or on the gentle cycle in washing machine.  Air-dry on a rack indoors or outside.  Do not put dots in dryer!
Yoga Dots fit anywhere!  In between desks, across the gymnasium floor, and all over the family room.  At a CKY training you will learn creative dance concepts, stories, postures, and games that can be played with Yoga Dots.  Over time, you will develop your own ideas, too!

Yoga Dots are a fun way to get kids into yoga and encourage movement in your classroom, studio, or
home.  Adults have yoga mats.  For children, yoga mats can be restrictive.  Kids see the world as a big and colorful place.  Yoga dots keep the possibilities alive!