Children’s Yoga Classes

Creative Kids Yoga combines creative dance/ movement with yoga to maximize the natural gifts of the developing student’s world: energy, imagination, and playful exploration. Yoga and dance are integrated from warm-ups to cool downs; through music, storytelling, group problem solving, games, sequences, stress reduction, and relaxation techniques. In a non-competitive atmosphere students are encouraged to develop self confidence, explore their inner creativity, and enhance brain development through the mind/body connection.

Children's Yoga Classes
Children's Yoga Classes

Benefits of Creative Kids Yoga:

  • Cooperative learning
  • Self esteem
  • Stimulates brain body development
  • Increases sensitivity and respect
  • Develop self confidence
  • Creative problem solving and imagination
  • Form of communication
  • Supports self regulation and spacial awareness
  • Yoga + Creative Dance + Play = Fun!


  • Free first class!
  • $60 a month
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • A single class/drop in the cost will be $15
Teen and Children's Yoga Classes

“Fun class today, Rosemary! Just wanted to share that we had this conversation as soon as we got home:

Oliver: Mama, Mama, let’s play pretend Rosemary class in the playroom!

Me: Ok, we can play that.

Oliver: You will be Rosemary. I will be the twins.
So we played “Rosemary class” before nap and Oliver pretended to be the twins.”
Barbara Halevi

NH, Toddler/Preschool Class

Current Children and Teen Yoga Classes

New Toddler/Preschool Yoga- Ages 1+

Wednesday 9:30 am – 10:30 pm

Unitarian Church Parish House – 58 Lowell Street, Nashua NH

No summer classes.
Join us for a playful, creative learning experience where parent/caregiver and toddler come together as a team to explore movement and yoga in a safe, nurturing environment. The only pre-requisite is your child must be able to walk! Class activities include learning:

  • simple yoga postures and movement concepts
  • developmentally appropriate activities incorporating rhythm and motor skills
  • creative exploration with music, art, simple instruments
  • snack and story time

Creative Kids Yoga – Ages 6-10

Thursday 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Unitarian Church Parish House – 58 Lowell Street, Nashua NH

No classes in the summer.

Move your body and have fun discovering new strategies for developing confidence and self expression. Creative Kids Yoga integrates yoga and movement concepts and is developmentally appropriate for all learning styles. Students will learn, through a playful, innovative approach how to move yoga off the mat and into the rest of their lives.

In this Creative Kids Yoga class, students will:

  • Discover specific movement skills that promote brain health and physical development
  • Learn yoga postures and relaxation techniques for overall health
  • Use Yoga Dots to develop spatial awareness with games, stories, group problem solving, art, and critical thinking
  • Develop self-confidence and creativity
  • Participate in the Creative Kids Yoga Formula:

Yoga + Creative Dance + Play = Integration, Inspiration and Fun!

Pre-Teen and Teen Creative Kids Yoga – Ages 11+

Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Unitarian Church Parish House – 58 Lowell Street, Nashua NH

No classes in the summer

In a non-competitive environment, pre-teens and teens will learn strategies for coping with and balancing the everyday stressors in their lives. The focus is on developing more in-depth knowledge of yoga and dance, and building confidence as they integrate coping strategies into their everyday academic and social experiences. The approach is creative, innovative and fun. In the classes, pre-teens and teens will:

  • Discover specific movement skills promoting brain health and physical development
  • Learn more advanced yoga postures to enhance overall health
  • Learn techniques to reduce stress in school and the rest of their lives.
  • Develop more self-confidence and creativity
  • Use Yoga Dots to develop spatial awareness, movement patterns and critical thinking