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1/23/17: Yoga Dots for Dolls

My good friend, Andrea, created a new version of Yoga Dots….Yoga Dots for my dolls.  (I have a collection.)  She crocheted each of the Dots and gave them to me for Christmas!  What a fun surprise!

5/23/16: Early Bird Summer Retreat Deadline Expires Soon!


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4/14/16: Spring into Summer with Creative Kids Yoga


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5/21/15:  Healing movements: Finding new ways to feel better

Tree Poses
By Angie Sykeny

On Saturday, May 23, from 1 to 4 p.m., YCD Holistic Healing of Nashua will have a Yoga and Movement Therapy workshop to help those in physical or emotional pain, or those who feel stuck in their lives, to find healing through the power of yoga and movement.

“People are anxious, eager and even desperate in a lot of ways to have new modalities to help them in this technologically driven world, which is here to stay,” said Rosemary T. Clough, a certified yoga teacher and therapist who is instructing the workshop. “We just need new tools for our tool box.”
The workshop will consist of yoga exercises and movement techniques, breathing and mindfulness exercises, goal setting and some therapeutic journaling if time allows.
Clough will improvise with the yoga exercises to an extent and tailor them to fit the needs of the class, but the core exercises will include grounding postures such as the mountain pose, twisting motions, spine-lengthening poses and poses to release muscle tension. Many of the poses are versatile and can be modified to involve sitting, standing or lying down.
Students will also be working with massage techniques, using spiky massage balls on certain points on the body to cleanse the adrenal glands and lymph nodes.
“The more we can work from the inside out, the healthier we will become,” Clough said. “If you work from the outside in, it’s like putting on someone else’s clothes that don’t fit. It’s better for each person to discover his or her own way of healing themselves.”
Clough will also lead the class in breathing and mindfulness exercises. Most people, she said, have developed poor breathing habits without realizing it, sometimes holding their breath or “breathing backwards.” Doing a yoga posture without integrating the correct breathing can cause more tension.
“It’s not about an isolated move,” she said. “With these postures, we want to move through the core, through the bones, through the muscles and through the breath so that it’s fluid.”
Students will leave the class with a handout of the yoga postures taught so they can continue doing them on their own. They will also leave having set one small goal for themselves to help them live a happier, healthier life. Clough said some examples of these goals include eating less sugar, meditating for 10 minutes a day, reaching out to friends and family, working fewer hours or taking a walk one day a week. She encourages the students to connect with each other after the workshop to keep each other accountable with their goals, or to reach out to her for support and encouragement. Ultimately, she said, people need to find the strength within themselves to accomplish their goals.
“They have to want to do it,” she said. “It has to come from a desire within themselves, and they have to feel that they can and develop the confidence. Usually once they start, say, taking a walk once a week, it starts to feel good and they’ll want to do it more.”
As seen in the May 21, 2015 issue of the Hippo.