Dear Friends,
Yes, the “livin'” can be easy! George Gershwin’s song, written in 1935, from Gershwin’s opera, “Porgy & Bess”, always comes to mind. There is something special about summertime, a break from the norm, no school for the kids and teachers, going to the beach, savoring nature in all of her multicolored glory and generally slowing down. (Make sure you read all the way to the end of this email to receive your ” Summertime” perk!)
One of my favorite summertime places is Beaver Brook in Hollis, NH. Beaver Brook is known for their numerous offerings year round. Summer camp for kids of all ages is extra special. Check it out at There is such a variety… something for everyone!

I shall be teaching Backyard Fun once again, July 23 – 27. It is one of the best summertime gifts I receive each year, to be able to teach at Beaver Brook in the Maple Hill Barn. We hike, explore, create through art and stories, learn how yoga and Mother Nature are connected, and so much more. Most of all, we have loads of fun in a non-competitive, relaxed environment!!!

There are only a few slots left in my Backyard Funprogram… If you are still looking for something creative and fun for your soon to be 1st or 2nd grader, do check it out at
Also, for adults, if you are interested in trying something new or simply want to feel the fullness of summertime, perhaps you would enjoy a special yoga class, to help you stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate, I am offering two yoga classes at Open Space Yoga, 1617 Southwood Drive, Nashua, NH, off of exit 8 in the same building as Alec’s shoe store. One class is Wednesday evening at 6 PM and the other is at 9:15 AM Thursday morning.
More information is on our

In the meantime, here is your summertime perk. If you never have heard the song “Summertime“, I invite you to enjoy these 2 renditions. The first is a more classical version… the 2nd fun and funky!

Summertime – Porgy and Bess – Gershwin
Summertime - Porgy and Bess - FUNK cover featuring Olivia Kuper Harris!
Summertime – Porgy and Bess – FUNK cover
Special summertime blessings,