Workshops and CKY Teacher Trainings

Chakra Workshop

A Healing Journey Through the Chakras

6-Month Intensive with Rosemary Clough

Open Space Yoga, 1617 Southwood Drive, Suite 200, Nashua, NH. 03063

Join us for an exciting in-depth exploration of the Seven Major Chakras, or energy centers, of the body.  Each chakra represents a step in human development.  A supportive group setting builds the foundation for learning as you:

  • Transform stuck energy that has caused physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and create vibrant health.
  • Gain tools to release habitual muscle tension – allowing holding patterns to shift and heal.
  • Learn specific yoga & movement exercises for each chakra to maintain alignment.
  • Discover, process and release the psychological blocks connected with each chakra and learn how this affects your relationship with your family, your work and your friends.
  • Become your own healer as you learn practical skills to promote optimum health and well- being.

Every three weeks we will explore one chakra in depth through dialogue, movement, yoga, meditation, and creative exercises.  Since each chakra builds on the previous, participation in the entire 6-month program is required.


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wallfeet256Introductory Workshop: A Taste of Creative Kids Yoga®

Learn how you can connect with children in a meaningful way while improving your overall health and well being. Experience a series of developmentally appropriate yoga postures and creative dance activities that inspire confidence, creativity, and body awareness in children young and old.
Play with versatile Yoga Dots® and learn how they can be applied to the classroom, home, and studio. Practice simple breathing and relaxation techniques for children. Discover joy and body awareness through the ancient science of yoga and the art of creative movement. You will receive a reference packet to help you integrate yoga and movement into your classroom, home, or other setting. This is an inspiring jump-start for anyone seeking to share the benefits of yoga and movement with children.


Creative Kids Yoga® Level 1 Teacher Training CKY Teacher Trainings Level 1(30 hours)

Led by Rosemary T. Clough

Discover how you can inspire children and motivate learning in a playful, innovative way in your classroom, home, daycare or healthcare center. Reconnect with your own sense of confidence and joy as a teacher or caregiver as you enhance your own health and wellbeing. Children will benefit from increased concentration, self-awareness and stress relief. In this 4-day training, you will:

  • Learn to use movement and yoga to enhance children’s learning and intelligence
  • Discover specific movement skills to promote brain health and development
  • Bring fun into the classroom with creative storytelling, art, songs, games and group problem-solving activities
  • Find focus and reduce anxiety and anger through easy breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Use Yoga Dots to organize any space into a rainbow of fun while developing spatial awareness!
  • Take home a tool kit of props and themes to explore with your students.


“It was amazing! I learned three safe breathing methods to teach kids. I also learned techniques like brain sequence that have foundations in science. Rosemary’s has background in education, yoga and movement came through in the training. I also learned ways of keeping the practice in the classroom appropriate.” Julie Cavicchio

“Lovely and informative. I enjoyed it all! Rosemary is so knowledgeable and gives each individual a new perspective on movement and childhood.” Caroline McMaster

387The Chakra System, Multiple Intelligences & Child Development:
Level 2 CKY® Training (20 hours)

Led by Rosemary T. Clough

We will build on the foundational Creative Kids Yoga® concepts, integrating the chakra system and the multiple intelligences into our understanding of children’s yoga.

  • Understand the chakra system as it relates to human development/children.
  • Adapt a yoga class to meet the abilities of a particular age group.
  • Explore the theory of multiple intelligences as it relates to yoga instruction.
  • Celebrate the versatility of yoga & movement in helping children function at their best.
  • Integrate an awareness of the chakra system & multiple intelligences into a classroom setting.
  • Get inspired by new activities, games, teaching tools, yoga sequences, movement concepts and class themes.
  • Enhance your repertoire of playful Yoga Dot games and activities!
  • Observe a children’s class taught by master teacher Rosemary Clough.

Prerequisite: Completion of a foundational yoga or movement training. Participants pursuing a 95-hour certification will complete additional homework.


There are a lot of teacher training programs to choose from these days. What makes CKY unique?
Our program is playful!! It is a hybrid of yoga and creative dance and we base our lesson plans on developmental readiness. We weave movement concepts with yoga to help kids fully embrace their bodies as a vital tool for learning & play. Our program is informed by current brain research and inspired by Rosemary T Clough’s 30+years of experience in the field.
Participants in our workshops often call the “life-changing” as they revitalize themselves through movement and discover their own creativity. It is important to embody the skills you wish to teach. We embrace spiritual & emotional health by loving ourselves & being open to continued growth.
Our motto is “the clearer you are with yourself, the clearer you are with your children.” We believe that as adults get to know themselves on a deeper level, they are able to understand and creatively respond to complex challenges. This offers real-life examples for the children we live and work with.

Is your program registered with Yoga Alliance? What about CEUs/PDPs?
We are in the process of applying for a 95-hour Childrens Yoga Specialty. This will allow our graduates to receive a nationally-recognized specialty in children’s yoga. Teachers must already be RYT status to apply through YA.
However, we attract people who are interested in using creative dance and yoga to enhance learning and play in a variety of settings. Many of our participants are not certified yoga teachers (ie classroom teachers, healthcare professionals, daycare providers, parents, etc) and they choose to take Creative Kids Yoga training for their own personal and professional development (without applying to Yoga Alliance). Our graduates often apply for CEU’s or PDPs through their local credentialing organization.

What practical skills will I take from this training?
You will gain a deeper awareness of yourself and your own creative mind & body. You will also have a toolbox of ideas, activities, and experiences to draw from. You will understand how to use Yoga Dots within your curriculum to calm, energize, and revitalize a group of students.