One on One Yoga Session
Dear Friends,
A New Year always means we have a chance to begin again, and “do it right”! That is, if we believe that we could have created some different outcomes in our lives during this past year. What is on your list to cultivate, embody or let go of in 2018?
My first goal is to to be more compassionate with myself… to go slowly and really examine what I wish to achieve this year. To relax into this opportunity… that there is time to thoroughly build a foundation to establish my goals, and then look at how I will complete them… all the while, being gentle with myself.
As a result of my exploration, I have been looking at different ways I could support you in the New Year. As a result, I am excited to be able to offer, those of you who have never worked privately with me, a free 45 minute Pain Relief Discovery Session.
For a number of years I have been working privately with clients. Being with people, who are ready to say “yes” to their health and well being, is truly a gift. Whether they have chronic shoulder, back or hip pain, have experienced surgery, trauma or death of loved ones or simply feel like their lives are in an emotional turmoil. It  always is inspiring to watch them come alive again with more purpose and direction.
In this Complimentary 45 minute trial session, we will explore yoga and movement techniques as well as look at a couple of the challenges that are creating roadblocks in your life.
  • How would life be better without pain or discomfort?
  • What continues to be a struggle in your day to day existence?
  • How would life look for you, your family and friends, as you become unstuck?
Three results you will take home from your discovery session include:
  • One yoga posture or movement technique to use to release pain or discomfort related to your specific condition.
  • A strategy to bring more balance, focus and “me” time into your life.
  • One goal to accomplish by the end of 2018.
To follow through with this offer, I have blocked a limited number of slots in January and February for 10 discovery sessions. We can do the sessions in person, over the phone or via Skype. These sessions will fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to contact me. Sign up, if you are ready to make the changes you deserve in your life.
Please fill out the questionnaire for the complimentary discovery session at the end of this letter, so that I can learn more about you. I expect that I will have more applications than time slots available, so please respond as soon as possible.
I am passionate about sharing what I have gained through my extensive professional background and self exploration through the years as a long time Kripalu Yoga Teacher, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, and a dance therapist. To learn more about me, please visit either of the websites listed below.
Winter blessings,
Moving Spirit LLC (Yoga, Creative Dance & Private Somatic Yoga Therapy)
d/b/a Creative Kids Yoga & Yoga Dots
Application Questions for Complimentary Session
Email & Phone:
Do you have a yoga or regular exercise program in your life?
How long have you been practicing yoga or how long have you been involved a particular form of physical activity?
Briefly describe your life now.
What is challenging you the most in your life?
How do you successfully cope with these challenges?
How do you cope with the obstacles you face in these challenges?
What are the goals and desires you would like to manifest in the next six months?
Please send your completed questionnaire to: with a request for a Discovery Session.