Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy

What is Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy?

“Soma” means body in Latin. The word somatic is used in connection with one’s health, which affects the musculoskeletal parts of the body. When our skeletal structure is out of alignment it can cause severe pain and discomfort.

Long term effects/benefits of somatic and movement yoga therapy:

  • Less bodily tension and pain
  • Greater emotional clarity and peace of mind
  • Increased range of motion, flexibility, and improved body image
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Healthier relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Insight and tools to move beyond trauma based tension and anxiety

What is included in a session?

During somatic and movement yoga therapy sessions, clients are guided and supported to explore the ancient science of yoga, movement, and breathe work with elements of contemporary body/mind psychology. Based on the premise that unresolved emotional experiences are stored in the body/mind and often hidden from our conscious awareness, the body’s natural rhythm is inhibited. Through this somatic therapeutic process, the body reveals those areas of holding and tension, which make up the body armor. In an atmosphere of safety and support, clients are invited to explore areas of tension and holding, so that the body can learn to relax and feelings can be experienced more fully. Strong evidence supports the connection of physical movement to emotional health and well being.


“Because of Arthritic Spinal Discs and Spinal Stenosis, I was in constant pain.  I went to Rosemary Clough and began private sessions, which were much more than just learning “Yoga”, I learned great tools, strategies and movements to use to lessen my pain.  The time and attention, caring and planning that Rosemary provided will always be part of my “Pain Management Planning”.” Claire Helfman

Waterville Valley, NH, Marblehead, MA, and formally Hollis, NH

“I have known Rosemary for over 40 years but grew to know her better in the last 20 years when I started taking yoga classes from her. I have also taken advantage of working individually with Rosemary as a somatic body worker. It was tremendously helpful in working through many of my issues from earlier in my life. I broke my hip at age 66 in a freak fall on an icy surface in December, 2017. After a surgical repair I created my own “physical therapy” team and Rosemary was one of the first professionals to work with me and I continued to work with her individually for 6 months. Most post-surgery patients complain about how painful physical therapy is – not so with Rosemary! She guided me through slow movements, gradually introducing different movements and encouraging me through weekly or every two week sessions. Her contribution to my speedy and amazingly complete recovery was tremendous!” Ann Conway

September 13, 2018

“I sought out Rosemary and her Yoga Therapy program because of chronic pain from hip bursitis. During our sessions together Rosemary guided me through specific body movements, breath and body awareness techniques to help ease the discomfort and gain greater flexibility. Rosemary listened with care to my concerns and needs. I feel that my time with Rosemary and her Yoga Therapy program was a positive and enriching experience. It continues to make a significant difference in my physical and emotional well being.” Arlene D.

Nashua NH

“I had gone to counseling in the past to deal with childhood trauma, but I never could achieve the results I was looking for. I decided to try Rosemary’s movement-based counseling after attending her yoga classes for a while. Her one-on-one therapy sessions not only relieve my physical ailments; they help to heal me emotionally as well. Rosemary enabled me to come to terms with my past, attain a more positive outlook, and to better deal with my life in healthier ways. I highly recommend Rosemary to everyone as it is never too late to get healthy!”

“Thank you!!  I couldn’t have done any of this without your help, guidance, and love!!
You are amazing Rosemary!! If everyone in the world had sessions with you, this would be a much better world!”
Cindy G.

“I have felt much more” spinally” open since our session last week! Movement in places I’d forgotten/ overlooked for a very long time is helping me. Really glad to be working with you.”

Sally A.

“After having been through several years of traditional therapy with numerous providers, I can honestly say that Rosemary’s work is truly transformational! Rosemary blends all of her varied training and expertise into her somatic yoga therapy and it is the ONLY therapy I have found that has truly helped me to peel back all the layers of my life that needed healing. She has demonstrated that the combination of Eastern and Western schools of thought and practice along with mind and body integration are the key ways to achieve balance and true healing. Rosemary’s approach is loving and gentle but also very powerful and it is her work that gives me hope for our future!”

Sarah Sirlin