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Dear Creative Kids Yoga Friends,
This email recently was sent to me, and, as one of my students said, “Rosemary, you could have written that!” It is everything that I believe, have compiled over the years and integrated into my Creative Kids Yoga Teacher Training. I am sharing the link: and hope you will find this information as interesting and insightful as I did.
To piggyback on this, I am excited to let you know that I shall be teaching my Creative Kids Yoga Teacher training, for certification, here in NH, October 26 – 28 and November 9 – 11, 2018. If you have been “sitting on the fence” and undecided about committing to this training, you might think otherwise when you check out the Early Bird Discount – $550.00 (payment plans available) – available until midnight October 12th, as well as the numerous items you will receive for your tool box. This includes a pack of Yoga Dots and a Creative Kids Yoga Card Deck.
I am excited to share this in depth training and generous discount, because I have seen so many amazing benefits that have supported teachers, parents, caregivers, healthcare providers and kids over the past 35 – 40 years. Thank you Sir Ken Robinson and Ted Talks for validating the importance of the arts in all of our lives.
Rosemary T Clough, Director
Moving Spirit LLC (Yoga, Creative Dance & Private Somatic Yoga Therapy)
d/b/a Creative Kids Yoga & Yoga Dots
Why We Teach the Arts
Not because we expect you to major in the arts…
Not because we expect you to sing, paint, act or dance all your life…
Not just so you can relax.
Not just you can have fun….
But so you will be human….
So you will recognize beauty….
So you will be sensitive…
So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world
And closer to others………
So you can unlock your creative spirit within…
So you will continue to grow in love,
And peace,
The arts are not something you do, but something you are.
Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living
Unless you know how to live.