Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy

Empowering clients to connect with their bodies, minds and spirits in new ways and reevaluate fundamental beliefs, which may impact the way they live in their bodies and their lives

What is Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy?

The premise of Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy is that the body stores the experiences, emotions and challenges that we go through in life. To help heal these challenges, we focus on consciously interacting with the body using a combination of yoga, movement, breath work, discussion and elements of contemporary psychology.

Long term effects/benefits of somatic and movement yoga therapy:

  • Less bodily tension and pain
  • Greater emotional clarity and peace of mind
  • Increased range of motion, flexibility, and improved body image
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Healthier relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Insight and tools to move beyond trauma based tension and anxiety

How Does Somatic Yoga & Movement Therapy differ from other bodywork?

The conscious and active participation of clients in all levels of the process differentiates this therapy from other forms of body work. The combination of yoga, movement, breathwork, and discussion helps clients develop new awareness about healing and overcoming life’s challenges.


Enjoy a complimentary 45 minute discovery session to clarify your specific needs, concerns and challenges. In this session we also will explore the possibility and benefits of working together to support healing your current situation.

What can I expect in a session?

During somatic and movement yoga therapy sessions, clients are guided and supported as they explore the body,
mind and spirit, including unresolved emotional experiences that are stored in the body/mind and often hidden from conscious awareness. Through this somatic therapeutic process, the body reveals those areas of holding and tension, which make up the body armor. In an atmosphere of safety and support, clients are invited to explore areas of tension and holding, so that the body can learn to relax and feelings can be experienced more fully. Strong evidence supports the connection of physical movement to emotional health and well being.

“Because of Arthritic Spinal Discs and Spinal Stenosis, I was in constant pain. I began working with Rosemary and learned great strategies to use to lessen my pain. The caring and planning that Rosemary provided will always be part of my ‘Pain Management Planning’.”
Claire Helfman

“I have felt much more ‘spinally’ open since our session last week! Movement in places I’d forgotten/ overlooked for a very long time.”
Sally Adams

“I broke my hip at age 66 in a freak fall. After a surgical repair I began to work with Rosemary and continued to work with her for 6 months. Physical therapy can be painful – not so with Rosemary! Her contribution to my amazing complete recovery was tremendous!”
Ann Conway

“After having been through several years of traditional therapy with numerous providers, I can honestly say that Rosemary’s work is truly transformational! Rosemary blends all of her varied training and expertise into her somatic yoga therapy and it is the ONLY therapy I have found that has truly helped me to peel back all the layers of my life that needed healing.”
Sarah Sirlin

“Rosemary’s one-on-one therapy sessions not only relieve my physical ailments; they help to heal me emotionally from childhood trama. Thank you!! I couldn’t have done any of this without your help, guidance, and love!!”
Cindy Glenn

“I have less discomfort and less chronic pain from hip bursitis which has made a huge difference in my physical and emotional well being, as a result of Rosemary’s Therapy program.”
Arlene Dwyer

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