Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Workshops / Training

“It was amazing! I learned three safe breathing methods to teach kids. I also learned techniques like brain sequence that have foundations in science. Rosemary’s background in education, yoga and movement came through in the training. I also learned ways of keeping the practice in the classroom appropriate.”
Julie Cavicchio

Yoga Dots & Creative Kids Yoga, Inspiring Academic Learning

A workshop to enhance critical skills

For schools, home education, day care centers, libraries, health care centers & more

Expand your horizons for teaching all ages and abilities, with colorful, playful, Creative Kids Yoga Dots and Creative Kids Yoga Card deck! An innovative way to take learning experiences, for kids, and even adults, to a new level.

Why teach with Yoga Dots and the Creative Kids Yoga Card deck? They help kids to self-regulate, concentrate, and focus, which in turn, develops critical thinking. The Yoga Dots foster creative exploration, using play, games, math, language arts, science and so much more. Team building, organization and cooperation also are integral parts of learning with Yoga Dots.

Remember that each of us has different styles of learning, known as multiple intelligences. Therefore, incorporating the Yoga Dots and the Creative Kids Yoga Card deck into the curriculum is a fun, innovative way for everyone to feel successful in an academic learning environment.

Additional reasons to use Yoga Dots & the Yoga Card Deck:

  • Minimal storage needed
  • Easy to transport and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly-safe for all ages and abilities to use…no harmful phthalates!
  • Soft, ¼’ think, durable, machine washable!
  • Slip free, which prevents falls and injuries.
  • Fun, inviting, kid friendly size, shape and so colorful!

This workshop is largely experiential. You will…

  • Awaken to more of your latent potential and have a lot more fun working/playing with the population you teach.
  • Develop skills for using the whole person in teaching, integrating yoga, movement & mindfulness.
  • Take home class ideas to get you started.
  • Learn how a fully functioning body supports a fully functioning brain!

This 3 hour workshop can be held in person at your facility or on Zoom.
3 hour workshop in person (with appropriate precautions) or
2 – 1 ½ hr workshops on Zoom

A Healing Journey Through the Chakras


6-Month Intensive with Rosemary Clough

Join us for an exciting in-depth exploration of the Seven Major Chakras, or energy centers, of the body.  Each chakra represents a step in human development.  A supportive group setting builds the foundation for learning as you:

  • Transform stuck energy that has caused physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and create vibrant health.
  • Gain tools to release habitual muscle tension – allowing holding patterns to shift and heal.
  • Learn specific yoga & movement exercises for each chakra to maintain alignment.
  • Discover, process and release the psychological blocks connected with each chakra and learn how this affects your relationship with your family, your work and your friends.
  • Become your own healer as you learn practical skills to promote optimum health and well- being.

Every three weeks we will explore one chakra in depth through dialogue, movement, yoga, meditation, and creative exercises.  Since each chakra builds on the previous, participation in the entire 6-month program is required.

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