Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Adult Yoga Classes

“What I love about yoga with Rosemary is she gently makes the connection between one part of the body and another seemingly unrelated one. Could my ankle pain have to do with a shoulder injury? I’m constantly surprised that, after 25 years of yoga practice, I’m still discovering. I leave, not just more flexible and strong, but understanding those connections, and then using the body knowledge to create positive changes in my habits and in my life. ” – Jean Rogers-Gottwald, NH

“Rosemary’s yoga style of gentle movements and stretching have helped me work through back and hip issues and to move more freely in my daily life.  With Rosemary’s guidance, each class teaches me to tune into my body and notice areas that need attention.  I also enjoy being part of her special yoga community.  Yoga with Rosemary truly enhances my life in many ways!” Sandra H. NH

Adult Yoga Classes

You are invited to join our community in our beautiful, new studio, or you may wish to participate in our Zoom online classes! Even better…try both! Become curious about how Kripalu yoga will support you in increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. Beginners to experienced students are welcome in our non-competitive classes, where creative modifications are used to customize the practice and meet the needs of all students! As you learn simple breathing skills, traditional yoga postures (asanas), movement concepts and relaxation techniques, you will develop a renewed sense of body awareness and peace of mind. Discover how great it feels to release tension, back pain, and other physical and mental discomfort. Utilizing these life changing tools, create vibrant health, more focus, balance, joy, fun and wellness into living each day.

Current Classes


Zoom Kripalu Yoga Class Schedule

Tuesday, 9:30 – 11:00 AM – Zoom – (email , text/call for link – 603-315-9231)

Wednesday – 6:00 – 7:30 PM – In Studio (email , text/call for link – 603-315-9231)

Thursday – 9:30 – 11:00 AM – Zoom (email , text/call for link – 603-315-9231)

Stay Tuned for new upcoming classes…

135 State Rt 101A
Amherst, NH 03031


  • A single class/drop in the cost will be $18.
  • Students will have two choices, either a 5 week or 10 week pass.
  • The cost of a 5 week class pass will be $75, with the opportunity to have one extra week to complete the class pass. So, if you are sick, have other commitments, or are traveling, and miss a class, you have a total of 6 consecutive weeks to finish your pass.
  • The cost of a 10 week class pass will be $135.00, with 2 extra weeks to complete the classes. This is the same as the 5 week class pass arrangement, however, instead of one extra week, you get two and have the option to finish your class pass in 12 consecutive weeks.

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