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Adult Creative Dance

“I believe that why I value Rosemary’s adult Creative Dance Class is that it’s a way to express what is inarticulate – emotions that are not easily expressed in words – so it becomes a form of communication that allows me, at a deeper level, to know my own self… and the class is a lot of fun!” – Tess George, Nashua, NH

Adult Creative Dance Classes

Is there a tiny voice inside your head that says, “I can’t dance!” It is time to release that old stuck pattern and joyfully discover your unique dance/movement potential. Take that first step, and learn how this could be the perfect class for you! We explore all kinds of interesting creative movement techniques, yoga postures, improvisation, and choreography in a non-competitive, supportive setting. Most of all we have fun! Join us to discover your full movement potential, while increasing body awareness, strength, flexibility, and vitality in your day to day living.

Current Classes


Zoom Adult Creative Dance Class Schedule

Monday – 7:00 – 8:30 PM – Zoom (email , text/call for link – 603-315-9231


It always is a gift for me to welcome new students to my creative dance.  I hope that you will discover something unique that will serve you in your daily living through the exploration of yoga and creative dance.

  • A single class/drop in the cost will be $15.
  • Students will have two choices, either a 5 week or 10 week pass.
  • The cost of a 5 week class pass will be $65.00, ($13 per class) with the opportunity to have one extra week to complete the class pass. So, if you are sick, have other commitments, or are traveling, and miss a class, you have a total of 6 consecutive weeks to finish your pass.
  • The cost of a 10 week class pass will be $125.00, ($12.50 per class) with 2 extra weeks to complete the classes. This is the same as the 5 week class pass arrangement, however, instead of one extra week, you get two and have the option to finish your class pass in 12 consecutive weeks.

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