Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Moving Spirit, LLC

Yoga & Creative Dance classes for all ages and abilities. Personalized Yoga Therapy.

complimentary Pain Relief Discovery Session

Are you living with pain or some physical/mental discomfort that does not allow you to “live your best life”?

As we find our way back to some semblance of normalcy, since the start of the pandemic, I am constantly aware of how many people live with compromised physical and mental conditions.

Professionally and personally, I continue to explore numerous healing modalities to support my students and clients and to keep my body, mind, spirit healthy. Yoga, somatic movement, and playful innovative therapeutic exploration have saved me from surgery and have kept all my body parts strong and flexible.

I am passionate about sharing these lifesaving skills with you and others, who are looking for a fuller, more vibrant life.

Can you relate?

Perhaps some of you can relate to the following physical issues with which I have had to contend.

  • When I was 10 years old, I was hit by a car going 50 miles an hour. This accident has strongly affected my right knee. Daily movement exploration, often with balls, has kept my knees in great shape!
  • As an adult I have experienced and healed from Graves Disease, a hyperactive thyroid disease.
  • I have scoliosis in the lower right side of my spine, so I use a lot of techniques to help with balance.
  • In addition, I fell and fractured the humerus in my right arm while hiking. The Dr. could not believe how quickly I healed, because of the different modalities I explored.
  • During childbirth, I experienced a serious pelvic injury, where I could not walk for five days. Sciatica nerve pain plus five sprained ankles followed. With innovative exploration, I have remained free from more sprains and no sciatica discomfort.


I am eager to share healing modalities which have worked for me, my students and clients. With this in mind, I am offering a limited number of complimentary Pain Relief Discovery Sessions.

You are invited to take advantage of a 50-minute complimentary Pain Relief Discovery Session.

  • We will explore the nature of your current pain, roadblocks and what may be preventing you from moving forward.
  • I also will provide you with my professional suggestions regarding the next steps in your healing.

Application Questions for Complimentary Session

I have blocked 10 slots for a Valentine Special Pain Relief Discovery Sessions – February 17th – March 17, 2023. We can do the sessions in person or on Zoom. These sessions will fill up quickly and are available to those who have never worked with me privately.