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Adult Yoga Classes and Creative Dance Classes


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All Level Kripalu Yoga

Thursday 9:15 am- 10:45 am

Open Space Yoga- 1617 Southwood Dr, Nashua, NH (Off of exit 8)
Develop a renewed sense of body awareness in a welcoming, non-competitive setting. Learn how to combine traditional yoga postures, simple breathing exercises and somatic movement to improve strength, core stability and flexibility in body, mind, spirit! Discover how to release tension, back pain and other physical discomfort, which will enhance spinal flexibility, balance and focus in your day-to-day living. Utilizing these life changing tools, create vibrant health and wellness in your whole being.

Creative Dance & Yoga

Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm

Open Space Yoga- 1617 Southwood Dr, Nashua, NH (Off of exit 8)

No summer classes.
Have you always wanted to dance, yet were afraid to take the first step? This is a perfect class for you! Explore modern dance techniques, yoga postures, creative expression, improvisation, and choreography in a non-competitive setting. Have fun tapping into your full movement potential while increasing body awareness, flexibility, and strength.

All Level Kripalu Yoga

Wednesday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Open Space Yoga- 1617 Southwood Dr, Nashua, NH (Off of exit 8)
Explore the fundamentals of yoga in a supportive, welcoming environment. In this class, you will learn yoga postures, breathing, and relxation techniques to build or expand your yoga practice. Strengthen, balance, and energize your body and mind! Beginners to experienced students are welcome. Teachers are trained to help you adapt the practice to support your personal goals and abilities. You’ll leave relaxed and renewed!


It always is a gift for me to welcome new students to my yoga, creative dance and Creative Kids Yoga Classes. I hope that you will discover something unique that will serve you in your daily living through the exploration of yoga and creative dance.

  • A single class/drop in the cost will be $15.
  • 5 week class pass will be $65.00, ($13 per class) with the opportunity to have one extra week to complete the class pass. So, if you are sick, have other commitments, or are traveling, and miss a class, you have a total of 6 consecutive weeks to finish your pass.
  • 10 week class pass will be $125.00, ($12.50 per class) with 2 extra weeks to complete the classes. This is the same as the 5 week class pass arrangement, however, instead of one extra week, you get two and have the option to finish your class pass in 12 consecutive weeks.

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